Sunday, May 18, 2008

America's Psychic Challenge

I had the opportunity—no, the pleasure—of catching this reality show yesterday afternoon. My friends and I were flipping through the channels and could literally find absolutely nothing worth watching, so we watched this psychic show.

The premise is obvious—fake psychics compete over who is the best fake psychic. The episode I watched was apparently one in a long running competition.

The host is the worst. He's almost as bad as the host of "Cheaters," whose name I can't remember, but I do remember that he got stabbed, and the classy people behind "Cheaters" chose to air it anyway, and also to sell it to Vh1 so that they could air it on a loop.

The psychics were put through four challenges. They were asked to sense fear, to diagnose illness, determine what traumatic event occurred at a renovated motel, and something else I can't remember. That's journalistic integrity for you.

My favorite part about this show was watching the psychics make up excuses for their foibles. One girl said "they always know, they sometimes just don't tell me."

Now, the thing I didn't quite understand was that, the psychics got scored and ranked based on their performances in each challenge, because apparently psychics can be "kind of right."

One "psychic" sang the Twilight Zone theme song and called herself the "White Serpent." I got the feeling that she just walked into the competition off the street to prove that anyone could be a psychic, and she was totally the best at it.

In the end it was entertaining to make fun of with friends, but definitely nothing worth watching alone, unless there is nothing else on and you don't own any dvd's and don't have dvr and refuse to watch repeats of sitcoms.

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Justin T. said...

Joey Greco is the host of Cheaters.